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Soleil Mimosa

Frequently Asked Questions

“So-lay” is the proper pronunciation. It means “sun” in French, communicating our French roots, the tradition of morning mimosas, and the festive, fun-in-the-sun feel that our products are all about.

As an effervescent beverage, do not shake this wine before opening!  Rather, gently and slowly rotate the bottle back and forth a few times to blend before opening. Serve cold (40°F). Traditionally it is served on it’s own, but you can also use it as a mixer, or in recipes, such as a Mango Lassi Cocktail or Tomato and Nectarine Salad. With the addition of our canned Soleil Mimosa varieties, you can take a mimosa with you just about anywhere to serve with just about anything!

We are proud that Soleil Mimosa is supported by a host of reputable retailers! If your local retailer doesn’t carry Soleil Mimosa, simply request that they contact one of our distributors. You may also purchase Soleil Mimosa online and deliver straight to your door!

Traditionally, it’s orange juice mixed with sparkling wine or champagne. We took it a step further by using the freshest (not from concentrate) orange, mango, pineapple and pomegranate juices blended with delicious white wine and a slight touch of sparkle. We never use any artificial flavors or colors and never compromise quality for the sake of cost like most fruit-flavored ‘wines’ you see on the store shelve. This results in our excellent quality mimosas that are unmatched by any other mimosa on the market, past or present.

Currently our mimosa flavors consist of classic (orange), mango, pineapple, and pomegranate. We are currently researching other mimosa flavors to add to our offering. If you have ideas, please go to our facebook page and post your ideas!

Yes. Our Soleil Mimosas are wine products and the alcohol content is 8%. A moderate level of alcohol ensures refreshing flavor and easy sipping.

Yes, all Soleil Mimosa varieties are gluten-free, confirmed by an independent, third-party lab.

We actually use fresh, not from concentrate, fruit juices in each of our mimosas and never add any artificial or imitation flavors. We’ve scoured the nation looking for the best and freshest juices we could find because we know that our product is only as good as the sum of it’s ingredients. That’s what makes Soleil Mimosa the best fruit-infused wine.

We have over 30 years of experience in producing Soleil Mimosa, it remains the best-selling pre-mixed mimosa produced in the U.S. today. Soleil Mimosa compares favorably to other mimosas prepared at home or restaurants, because our winery tightly controls the blending process and uses only top-quality, fresh-squeezed juice (not from concentrate) for a consistently perfect mimosa, every time! Our canned Soleil Mimosas are also more portable than carrying the ingredients (not to mention a bartender) around with you!

Due to the natural, fresh-squeezed juice used in the production of our Soleil Mimosa wines, natural pulp or sediment may be visible. It’s completely natural and expected that the product would settle since we don’t use any artificial emulsifiers. We recommend a gentle turning of the bottle or can to ensure the fresh fruit is well-blended prior to opening.

Soleil Mimosa is made fresh to be enjoyed immediately, although, unopened Soleil Mimosa is guaranteed with a shelf life of 24 months. After enjoying a partial bottle, enclose it with a specialty wine stopper, refrigerate well, and consume within several days.

We are proud to be made in the USA! To be more specific, our food-grade winery is located in Deming, New Mexico.

We are owned and operated by six-generation French winemakers, the Lescombes family. Soleil is the French word for ‘sun’ and communicates our French roots, the tradition of morning mimosas, and the festive, fun-in-the-sun feel that our product is all about.

Absolutely not! We’ve known for some time that mimosas are perfect for anytime of day and for any occasion. They are fruity and fresh and easy-to-enjoy anywhere, from a formal bridal shower to a late-night bonfire or afternoon tailgate. You’d actually be hard pressed to find a situation where Soleil Mimosa couldn’t be the adult beverage of choice.

The advantage of Soleil Mimosa is that you have a delicious, perfectly mixed mimosa every time. Soleil Mimosas are also made with fresh juices that aren’t made from concentrate, and sometimes aren’t easy for customers to source themselves (fresh mango or pineapple juice can be tricky). Even if you want to make a custom ‘mimosa with a twist’, Soleil Mimosas are the perfect start to add your personalized ingredients. Check out our recipes and mixology for ideas on how to use Soleil Mimosa in your favorite drink recipes!